Thank you so much for helping to sort my fiesty 4 year old!  Not an easy task to help alter the diet of a sugar loving 4 year old but your patience and knowledge shone through and she is much better as a result.  I highly recommend Kate and advise all to book in for a session, even if it's just for an MOT.

Miranda, Shrewsbury

Had great advice from Kate during a time when my daughter was recovering from an eating disorder. Received easy to follow recipes and easy to find ingredients. Very relaxed surroundings and overall a positive experience. Would highly recommend.



Where do I start, this has been the most inspiring, educational course I think I have been on. Having had a really sweet tooth for all my life I couldn’t even begin to think how I would ever change my dependence on sugar, but with Kate and Christina and their guidance and tips this was a breeze!  I now completely understand food, what’s good and what’s not and how to make sure I am fuelling my body correctly.  Not only have a lost 5 inches off my waist and 4 inches off my hips, but my energy, mood, confidence and sleep are also very much improved and I have never eaten so much!  The sessions are fun, educational and supportive and the results speak for themselves. Thank you so much Kate and Christina, you have literally changed my life!

LA, Shrewsbury

Working with Kate has improved my overall health significantly in the previous months, I would highly recommend. She is easy to talk to, supportive and very knowledgeable.

Kim, Shrewsbury

This is been an absolutely fantastic programme. Such a change from all other weight loss chains - and I have tried most of them.
Kate and Christina are just full to the brim with knowledge on all areas of health, allowing you to gradually adjust parts of you life style to create a change for the better . At first it was less boating and way more energy and by the end of the 8 weeks I had lost 17 pounds . 
The added bonus is the small groups, It allows for far more interaction with Kate and Christina but also with the brilliant group I was in. Every topic led to extremely helpful discussions and advice ; all underpinned with total positivity and support.  It has boosted my confidence , knowledge and drive to improve my health and lifestyle. I am so grateful to you both and would recommend this programme to anyone.

O.B, Shrewsbury

It is very reassuring to share my health and wellbeing concerns with someone who listens, understands and responds in an appropriate way.  Kate is a very knowledgeable and competent professional.  In my opinion she goes the 'extra mile' in her care and support to clients.  She has certainly done so with myself.  I would fully endorse and recommend Kate.  She has changed the way in which I think about my diet and nutrition and as a result this has improved my overall health.  In addition Kate is considerably kind and very compassionate.  I am truly glad that I found her."


JJ, Weston Lullingfields, Shrewsbury 

I am a person who has yo-yo dieted for many years now and each time I failed I put a bit more weight on. I have really lost my way with food - I didn't know what was good food anymore.


Lost in the world of ‘what diet food is’ - there are so many mixed messages, so many new quick fixes, that it all just becomes so confusing and in the end I give up again.


Attending the Holistic Weight Management course has changed my mind-set and I have re-learnt what good food is and what is does for my body. I now think about everything I am eating and ask myself how is this good for me and what will my body get from it. And I don't see this as I diet - but what is best for me with REAL whole foods.


My skin has 100% improved and I have lost a massive 10 inches from my wait and 11 inches from my hips.  


Give it a go - Christina and Kate are lovely, it will be the best thing you do I can guarantee it.

DP, Shrewsbury

Kate, I’m really pleased with the changes I’ve made and can really see the benefits of your suggestions so am looking forward to gradually increasing the things I’m doing . 


It’s been a bit of a revelation finding out about all this nutritional ‘stuff’ and I’m excited by how quickly it can change things that I’ve been struggling with for years! So pleased to have met you, and so pleased to have taken the first step in having a consultation with you, I’m spreading the nutritional vibe now and pointing other people in your direction so beware! 

SMB, Shrewsbury

I'm currently in the middle of the weight management programme and I've gained a lot of knowledge already which I've been putting into practise. It started very positively and I threw myself in, utilising the example recipes from day one and making sure I ate 3 meals a day. Along with drinking the recommended amount of water daily this has cut out my cravings for sweet things and chocolate. This sounds a really simple thing to do and it is in theory, but its a lot easier to put into practise when you have the knowledge of "why" its healthier to do something than just being told to do it as well as the specifics of what to do. Its also interesting to look at weight management from all angles and what can influence you positively and negatively. You'd be surprised!


I also find the facebook group really useful. Its available for hints and tips as well as sharing my experience with others in the group in between our weekly group meet ups and is an ongoing source of support if needed meaning the whole process isnt stop start with each meeting a week.


I've also started doing more exercise that I enjoy to complement my healthy wholefood eating which is having a positive effect. Theres nothing quite like the feeling of getting fitter, stronger and lighter and knowing that its in your control if you listen, learn and put the knowledge into practise. Its like a snowball effect and gives me motivation to continue. I've lost 9lbs so far, 10cms from my waist and hips combined and dropped a jeans size already. I'm looking forward to the rest of the programme to see what else I can learn and what I can achieve.

Katie, Telford