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Accessible Nutrition for all?

Last Saturday I held my first tea & chat nutrition session in Shrewsbury. The topic was Children's Nutrition and the area that I focused on was Immune Support and Gut Health which go hand in hand, especially at this time of year when there is a myriad of bugs and viruses going around.

During the session I shared my "go to" nutrients and foods to support a child's immune system, why they should be included and how to include the foods in their diet. We even got to try out some of the foods and drinks that I brought along and there was plenty of opportunity for everyone to chat, share ideas and offer up support. It was a really great interactive session and the feedback that I received was that they all thoroughly enjoyed it (well I know I did!)

It was amazing to be able too share my knowledge with parents and carers who are passionate about their child's health and nutrition and even though there were only a few of us there at this first session I came away with a buzz knowing that I want to run more of these and make nutrition accessible to all.

If you are interested in my future tea & chat sessions then I am already planning the following so get in touch for more details, you may even get to try out some of my homemade chocolate :)

March - Spring into Spring. Ways to naturally increase your energy levels

April - Hormonal Havoc! Ways to naturally balance your hormones.

Kate x

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