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The power house of potato crisps (aka Sweet Potato)

I try to get my family to eat sweet potatoes in favour of white potatoes at every opportunity as the nutritional value of a sweet pot far out weighs that of the common garden white (although you can't beat a lovely jersey royal!). So i put them into every thing. Sometimes they moan about sweet potato overdose and they always turn their noses up at a sweet potato jacket potato as they are "too sloppy" apparently - I don't know what they are on about. Anyway, I hit on a winner when I made my own sweet potato crisps - there was not a moan to be heard.

Here's why they really are the power house of potatoes.


Sweet potatoes are jam packed with potassium which is great for maintaining a healthy heart, lowering high blood pressure, improving strength in muscles, keeping our bones strong and may help to keep skin healthy and banish cellulite - Hallelujah I hear you say!

Beta Carotene

They also have a high level of beta carotene which gives the sweet potatoes their orangey colour. Beta carotene is a precursor to Vitamin A (which means that it converts into Vit A in the body). Its essential to help keep our skin and eyes healthy and our immune systems strong. Beta Carotene is also an anti oxidant which helps to keep our cells healthy and fight any free radicals in our bodies from things like environmental toxins, pesticides and synthetic hormones. Too much Vitamin A can be toxic however the body will only convert what it needs from dietary beta carotene so this is an advantage of eating beta carotene rich foods over Vitamin A supplements.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin. This means that the body does not make it's own Vitamin C which is why we need to ensure that we are getting sufficient amounts in our diets. Vitamin C is also water soluble which means that the body doesn't store excess Vitamin C and any excess is expelled. It is therefore hard to over do dietary vitamin C (obviously caution needs to be take with supplements and you should always get the advice from a professional). Vitamin C has a whole host of benefits including immune system protection and support - we all know about taking Vitamin C when we have a cold! but did you know that it also supports healthy skin and hair as it promotes the formation of collagen, like beta carotene it is also an anti oxidant so supports against free radical damage, it may also help to maintain a healthy heart.

Vitamin B6.

Vitamin B6, or pyridoxine (as it's formally known) is one of a group of B vitamins which all do a variety of supporting roles within our bodies. B vitamins are again a water soluble vitamin so any excess that the body does not used will simply get expelled. Vitamin B6 specifically is necessary to help reduce fatigue and tiredness as it helps to support energy production in our bodies and red blood cell production, it also supports the nervous and immune systems to function correctly.

Recipe for sweet potato crisps

Thinly slice 2 sweet potatoes (as thin as you can - ideally use a mandolin) toss them into a little olive oil or melted coconut oil and sprinkle on some sweet paprika and pink Himalayan salt . Lay them flat onto a baking tray so they are not overlaping, then cook in a 180 pre heated over for about 15 mins until the corners start turning up, going brown and hardening. Take out and place on a cooling rack. You may need to cook them in batches depending on how many baking trays you have :)

Enjoy x

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