My Story

My story stems back to my childhood.  I grew up on a small holding with my older sister and parents.  Here my dad grew his own vegetables and reared his own sheep, he loved fishing and was best mates with the local farmer so we were never short of nutritious, locally sourced food as a family.  My mum was great at cooking up healthy meals for us and taught me the importance of the different types of food.     Unfortunately my dad died from a brain haemorrhage and hypertension when  I was just 15 years old, as a family we overcame many challenges during this time but my interest in nutrition was always there.  When I went off to university I was always the one adding more vegetables into their food whilst other students around me where living off easy to cook "beige" food.

Healthy Eating

When I became a mother myself it really brought home to me the importance of health and wellbeing as I want to be around to see my children and maybe, grandchildren grow up.  Having struggled with my own fertility problems it became even more important to me to provide the best nutrition and instill good health awareness for myself and my family, I wanted to be able to give them food and a way of life that would support them through their lives in the best possible holistic way.  When my son was born he had eczema for the first few years of his life, I found that eliminating certain foods from his diet helped to decrease the severity of this and it eventually disappeared altogether.  Knowing the impact that food could have on our bodies first hand only fuelled my interest further, so I decided to enrol on a 3 year diploma with the renowned College of Naturopathic Medicine as a way of learning more.   I thankfully now have 2 gorgeous children, a very supportive husband and a passion for nutrition and wellness that  has become a way of life for us so much that I am now sharing it with others.  I hope that this has inspired you and look forward to hearing from you if you want to know more. 


Health and happiness, Kate x